Lelo Etherea Silk Cuffs

Lelo Etherea Silk Cuffs
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Elegantly designed with LELOs signature jacquard pattern and ample silk ribbons, there is no better way for couples to explore those higher planes of experience.


Luxuriously touchable materials - made with 100% pure silk and soft sheepskin suede
Limitless possibilities for play - long silk ribbons allows for versatile use—tie on wrists, ankles, or surroundings
Stylish and versatile - elegantly designed for restricting or controlling movement
A welcome companion - perfect for use with INTIMA Silk Blindfold
Your gateway to new pleasures - ideal for novice and experienced couples alike

Tip: Tie Etherea’s long silk ribbons to your wrists, ankles, or surroundings and explore the limitless possibilities for play by pairing it with the Intima Silk Blindfold to further the sensations of sensual restrain


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