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The World's Most-trusted Pleasure Beads

LUNA™ Beads are the world’s bestselling product of their kind. Available in two sizes – Classic and Mini – they respond to the wearer’s every movement, subtly vibrating when worn internally. Delivering discreet pleasures from the outset, LUNA™ Beads bring longer, stronger orgasms when worn regularly over time.

  • Set: 2 x 28g, 2 x 37g Beads & Silicone Harness
  • Rubber-silenced Inner Beads for Discreet Enjoyment
  • Body-safe ABS Plastic Beads & Silicone Combination Harness
  • 1-Year Warranty & 10-Year Quality Guarantee
  • Diameter; LUNA Classic: 35mm, LUNA Mini: 29mm
  • Guideline only: LUNA Beads Classic are generally preferred by women who have experienced childbirth.
  • Kegal Balls:
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