Pump Worx Max Precision Power

Pump Worx Max Precision Power
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All the hard work is done for you!


Enjoy the Mega VAC Power Pump and discover throbbing erections that last & last!


The automatic pump is ready to do the hard work for you and it is a safe, affordable way to instantly enlarge your pleasure rod without any negative side effects.


The powerful motor creates a superstrong vacuum inside the chamber. Once you insert your penis into the tube it quickly forces your erection to expand in length and girth. The soft TPR sleeve is air tight against your skin, thus creating excellent suctions and sensational results.


The vacuum tube is made from thick, heavy grade acrylic, with metric graduations to measure your growth. The vacuum cylinder is clear to allow you to easily see your pleasure rod growing.


Once you have reached your desired size, push the quick-release button to instantly relieve pressure.


The enhancement ring is included to prolong ejaculation. Just slide it over your rod until it’s nice & snug.


When finished, clean with toy cleaner & warm water.


Included: Lube, toy cleaner

Not included: batteries

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