Sex Toys at an Older Age? Why Not!

With an ageing population and a mortality rate in men higher than in women, it is no surprise that many women over 50 are finding themselves without a partner.


Dating in the twilight years is not always easy; so many women find themselves lonely and frustrated.


A good sex life is very important in our lives. A good orgasm can do wonders for our sense of wellbeing and is proven to reduce stress and anxiety.


Many older women know very little about self pleasure and are too afraid to talk to their doctor or friends about sex. A simple solution can be a sex toy.


Obviously there is no ‘one size fits all’ vibrator, so each woman has to decide whether she just wants clitoral stimulation or vaginal (internal) stimulation as well.


A vibrator designed for clitoral stimulation like the Embrace Body Wand is probably best for a first timer, especially for the older women as it provides the easiest and strongest orgasm for most women.


Genital tissue becomes more delicate and fragile with age. So for women who prefer penetration a soft vibrator made out of silicone, not plastic such as Lelo Soraya Vibrator would be best. Pairing the Lelo Soraya Vibrator with the water based Sliquid H2O Personal Lubricant is an excellent choice.


The Key by Jopen Ceres Rabbit Vibrator vibrator has various speeds so a light vibration can be used to get aroused and a stronger vibration to get to orgasm.


Because we know choosing a vibrator can be rather overwhelming, we suggest you look at these from our website:


We also have this helpful 'Which Vibrator?' flowchart on our website which you can follow to help you decide on the right product for you.

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